Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nine Years and a Reconcilliation

We took a huge step in our lives on 1/22/2000 and nine years later on 01/22/2009 our first born took a huge step in his life.

Today we celebrated our nine year anniversary. Nine years ago we walked down the aisle and said our vows, promising our selves to each other and committing to a life together for better or worse.

Today we walked down the aisle with our seven year old son in celebration of his first reconciliation (confession). There was a feeling of nervous anticipation in the air, there were tears, and trepidation, but once it was over all of those feelings were replaced with joyous relief.

Although our lives have changed immensely in the last nine years I feel as if our life is starting to circle around and we can now celebrate life through our children and their accomplishments.

Although it wasn't a romantic anniversary it was a special one.
Happy Anniversary J. I love you!