Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pink Week

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness I Heart Faces photo theme is Pink.

This little pink face is T the miracle baby of my good friend B a breast cancer survivor.
B was diagnosed with Her2 positive Breast Cancer when my youngest son was not much older than T.
A mother with a young daughter, who had struggled for years with infertility.
Only to be told her chances of having a second were slim to none after the aggressive cancer treatments.
She mourned, but accepted the fact that her beautiful daughter would be the only child she'd ever have.
At the beginning of 2009 what she though was the beginnings of menopause turned out to be the beginning of life for this beautiful little guy.

T was born almost exactly four years after diagnosis and we are all tickled pink!


Rudy Rukus said...

That is one great story! It affects us all doesn't it?

Wilma said...

I love reading about miracles! Beautiful photo of a sweet little guy.

I heart said...

Such a sweet story! And what a doll! :)